SAP speeds up data analytics with new Business Suite

March 27, 2013 4:59 pm

With an emphasis on speed, the setting was apt. Executives from SAP, Fujitsu and IDC showcased the potential of Business Suite on HANA, which combines transactional applications with analytics in-memory, dramatically simplifying IT and empowering businesses with slicker data transactions and predictive analysis.

“What we’re announcing is bringing the world of transactional data onto the same platform as analytical data. The way enterprise business applications have worked for 30-plus years is that business have needed two platforms to run the solutions,” explained Jason Bath, Director of Database & Technology at SAP Mena.

Transactional data consists of sales orders, customer service information, HR data and so on. What organisations have done until now is take this data and physically move it to another database, typically overnight. This secondary analytical database allows businesses to engage with the data and get the information needed to drive their business forward.

Bath used the example of a manufacturing company who run transactions called MRP (Material Resource Planning), which allows a firm to decide how they will manufacture their products.

“This transaction can take hours, if not days, to run for a large organisation,” he said. “What Business Suite on HANA does is enable that company to run the same transaction with sub-second response times. That means they can actually delay processing the data until the last second, collecting more orders, more supplier information and therefore be able to do real-time manufacturing.”

Add to that real-time analytics. It is not just a case of looking in the rear view mirror at existing data, but being able to accurately predict outcomes, such as cash flow, making or breaking crucial business decisions. All the while, the option to collate reports is in-built.

Indian supermarket chain LuLu, a client of Fujitsu who are partners with SAP, was announced as a customer for the new product and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) issued a statement that they believe Business Suite on HANA will take their organisation to the next level.

“In the era of Big Data, traditional planning is becoming a thing of the past,” said Marwan Salem Bin Haider, Vice President and CIO at the Dewa, which is expected to go live with SAP HANA this year.

“With the rolling out of a hyper-connected smart grid and metering technology, the ability to react in real-time to immense volumes of complex data becomes unavoidable. Dewa is well on its way to meeting these challenges, and this is precisely why innovations like SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite on HANA are so compelling.”

UAE Managing Director of SAP Mena, Qais Gharaibeh also spoke of the ‘double digit’ growth of the software giant in the region. SAP have had a regional office in Dubai since 2007, which has since seen staff number grow ten-fold, doubling in 2012. He expects upwards of 1,000 staff by 2015. There are already 135 consultants working across Mena and most are based in the UAE.

Also in the news: SAP recently cooperated with the Dubai School of Government on a report regarding social media and business innovation.