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The top 7 cyber risks to holidaymakers – and how to avoid them

July 1, 2013 9:17 am

Our summer holidays are a prime time for cybercriminals as connected travellers proceed to book tickets online, share photos with their social networks and connect to dubious Wi-Fi hotspots on the move. Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab has published a guide to traversing its top seven threats.

1 – Malicious travel spam & phishing
Beware of emails promising fabulous travel deals. Use security software that has pro-active anti-phishing technology to block attempts to lure you to dangerous sites.

2 – Frequent flyer mile theft
Never click on email links to connect to your account. Change login information every few months using unique and secure passwords.

3 – Vacation rental scams
Always call property owners to verify their email address. Pay by credit card so you can dispute payments if fraud occurs.

4 – Cyberpickpockets
Use cellular networks for online banking and shopping; maximise their safety by installing advanced security features specific to banking.

5 – Hotel malware attacks
Be sure your Internet security software offers real-time protection technologies to prevent entry of key loggers and other spyware through hotel networks.

6 – Bogus public Wi-Fi hotspots
Disable automatic Wi-Fi connections on your devices when using them in airports, hotels, and coffee shops. Ask employees to help you access their authorised network.

7 – Data leakage
When catching up with your social network from a hotel Ethernet or public wireless connection, use a VPN to guard against identity theft.