Top 10 apps for business you need to download

April 9, 2017 1:52 pm

With the advent of technology and the ever-evolving tech market, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile apps. Whether you are looking for productivity tools or ways to keep the workforce connected, there are many apps on both iOS as well as Android platforms that can be utilised by business owners for better productivity.

No more are businesses confined to 9-to-5 timings; they are always connected and to maintain that you need apps that do all the required chores. Thankfully, we have curated a list of some of the best business apps covering everything you may need; from communication to Human Resource and data management.

1.Expensify: This is one of the business systems to manage expenses and transactions. You can manage all money related matters efficiently via its real-time data and reporting processes. The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider both deem it as one of the best apps to manage your business while travelling. The app lets you scan and capture receipt pictures while also tracking time and mileage along with business travels to create reports. This is the perfect tool for those on the go.

2. SignEasy: This app is very handy whether you are traveling or at your desk. No more hassle of downloading, printing, signing and scanning documents. SignEasy lets you download a document to your mobile device from the web, such as from your email, Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., in a host of formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, PNG or even plain text. Once on your device, you can pan and zoom and do a signature on the document using a stylus or your fingertips. The document can also be shared with two more people for signing. This is a legally binding document, even though physical paper has not been exchanged. A very hassle-free and unique approach to electronic signage, it is perfect for business owners and CEOs.

3. Yammer: This chat service, recently purchased by Microsoft, lets you create private social networks for yourself and your colleagues. Access is restricted to only those users who have company domain IDs. One of the biggest advantages of Yammer is that it has seamless integration with Office 365, so that you can share and engage while utilising a number of tools that will help in collaborating with colleagues. This is a very good app to run a social-business network for entrepreneurs.

4. SurveyMonkey: It is rather important to learn about your target audience expectations. Similarly, for a larger organisation, what the employees think about the work culture is also important. To help you with this, SurveyMonkey is the best online survey tool which lets you create as well as participate in in surveys on your mobile.

5. FreshBooks: This is another app which is ideal for accounting purposes. The app offers a lot of handy functions that make accounting easy. Apart from managing expenses like Expensify, it is also a very good app for billing work. FreshBooks lets you create invoices, bills and estimates. And the good part? It will also let you know when the client has opened the invoice! Isn’t that clever?

6. CardMunch: If you are the kind who tends to lose business cards a lot then you must consider downloading CardMunch – an app which lets you take a snap of the business card and then seamlessly uploads it to a transcription service, whereupon the contact information is sent back to you. This service is free and manages to do an amazing job!

7. Evernote: Note taking is n absolute must for all businesses; whether you are the owner or an employee, you will have to maintain notes and checklists. Amongst the hordes of note-keeping apps, Evernite emerges as the winner. With recent updates, there are a number of things that you can do with the app. You can clip information off the web and add it to the app. You may tag it for easy searching, and even add your own annotations to it. The app may also be used for organic note keeping, checklists, journaling, contacts, etc. and also add other users to your saved notes so that they can not only view but also alter and thus pool information.

8. Trello: This is one of the best apps for project management. The app allows you and your workforce to be on the same page with respect to the day to day schedule. The app is highly visual; you can create boards and add cards underneath and move the card according to the project stages. You can attach files, leave comments and assign cards to each employee. Easy to use and seamless integration makes it a very useful app.

9. TeamViewer: This is a very handy tool to stay connected to your desktop. By using TeamViewer you can remotely access your desktop and continue doing your tasks as if you were using your desktop. By making use of this app you can lend support to your teammates as well as customers even if you are away.

10. aCalendar: Lastly, this is an amazing calendar app for business users, which is available on Android. It is extremely easy to use and is packed with powerful features. Apart from the usual feature of easy toggle between day, week, month and yearly view, you can add reminders for important dates in a jiffy. Some business-specific features include scheduling a meeting and inviting attendees without having the need to leave the app. Thus everything can be done within the app.


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