The mobile that’s hoping you switch from Apple with: “Guess what I got!”

November 14, 2017 5:34 pm

A challenge or even a war has been launched, depending on how you perceive it. It is veiled in humour and romance, hedging on our love for life, communication and connectivity.

Samsung just released a video bringing a mix of nostalgia, romanticism, and envy that puts it in contention with Apple and shows it as the clear winner and the only choice left to be made.

“Guess What I Got”, is an online ad that takes its roots in the early 2007, when Samsung teased potential mobile buyers with its “It’s coming campaign”, and finally delivering it in 2010 with the Samsung S.

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Remember that one? You were probably impressed by it being the thinnest smartphone in the world back then at 9.9mm and equipped with the now popular selfie cam.

That’s when the first shot at Apple takes place in the video. The young man featured throughout the video sends a message to a friend saying: “Guess what I got,” proudly referring to his Apple iPhone4, but oops: Not enough memory to take a commemorative picture!

Not giving up on Apple, in 2013, he bought the iPhone 5s, then met a girl on whom he had a crush to exchange phone numbers.

Erik, the guy in the movie, exchanged phones with his future girlfriend and was very impressed with her Galaxy Note 3, while using the Pen, a popular Samsung feature back then, to scribble notes and draw images, while she used his Apple to write down her phone number using the traditional contact entry feature. “That’s a slick phone,” he said of the Samsung Note 3.

Fast forward three years later and the video now shows Erik playfully pushing his girlfriend and together falling in the water, both still in possession of their phones.

Galaxy S7 from Samsung being waterproof, his female friend had no worried looks on her face, and Erik, showing gallantry, rather laughed about it. While Eric put his i-phone in rice afterwards to try to dry it off, his girlfriend was meanwhile showing him a picture of the lake where the memorable incident happened.

Android Central, a platform for android news, says that rain has no effect on Galaxy S7 released in 2016. The same goes for a splash at the sink, a dip in the pool and maybe even a spilled soda or beer.

Erik then asked his girlfriend to send him the photo saying “You’ve got to send me this.”

He still buys the new iPhone in 2017 only to discover that lots of wires are dangling from his phone while his girlfriend’s Samsung is being recharged wirelessly.

Erik is finally convinced to upgrade to Samsung. He buys the Galaxy S8 and sends a message to his girlfriend saying: “Guess what I got.”


Dana Halawi
By Dana Halawi
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