UnMail your emails: Intellect Design’s ESN platform now in MEA

May 30, 2016 3:07 pm

Tired of reading too many emails? Do they consume much of your productive time at work? Intellect Design Arena Limited (Intellect Design), Chennai, India-based IT products firm says they have a solution for your woes.


In April this year, Intellect Design launched its enterprise social networking (ESN) platform UnMail in the Middle East and Africa region. It was earlier tested internally among more than 12,000 employees for two years at the company’s parent group Polaris Consulting & Services Limited (PCSL), majority share of which has been acquired by US-based Virtusa Corporation recently.


According to Shashi Mohan, EVP, Business Head (UnMail), CTO & CIO at Intellect Design Arena, the ESN platform helped roughly 25 per cent of the employees to do away with corporate emails as they were connected internally. This eventually helped them reduce time used for checking of emails by a staggering 74 per cent, which amounted to a total of 1.3 million hours over a period of one year.


As per the latest figures from financial information provider Market Watch, the global ESN market is forecasted to grow from $4.77 billion in 2014 to $8.14 billion in 2019.


Intellect Design is eyeing to tap the MEA market where it faces competition from Jive, another Palo Alto-based ESN software vendor.


“It is an advantage for us,” says Shashi. There is awareness in the market.


Shashi agrees Jive is not much different from UnMail. “One major difference is Jive does not map entire organization unlike UnMail.”


Mr. Shashi Mohan - UnMail


Intellect Design would leverage the client base of the parent group Polaris, which has been present in the region in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry, says Shashi.


The company expects its major share of clients would be from the banking, education and government sectors. It also believes there will be opportunities in the IT and IT-enabled services and retail sectors.


Better communication

Shashi says UnMail helps in enhancing communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing in an organization apart from removing the silos, bringing people together as well talent management.


UnMail maps entire people and projects in an organization so that all the internal communication is carried out in its virtual “social rooms.”


“UnMail is built on the idea of startups where communication is very much effective because of fewer people. It removes the communication gap in organizations.”


Everyone from the board of directors to people at the ground level are mapped in the corporate social network so that they are aware of any development in all three stages of a project: requirement, develop and test.


Intellect Design saw an average 12 per cent improvement in efficiency when they tested UnMail at Polaris.


“Interestingly what happens is none can sit on a project when he has to make a decision because people are aware of the progress of a project. There is nothing hidden,” Shashi laughs.


So everyone knows everything? “No. There are can be different social rooms for different departments if in case they want to keep the communication restricted among themselves so that one will get to know whatever he is intended to know.”


Different approach to talent management

Intellect Design says that Polaris could bring down the attrition level in the company by 30 per cent as UnMail helped employees identify their talents and share it across the organization.


The ESN platform also helps in enhancing knowledge sharing, states Shashi.


“One good example is that an associate working in retail banking finds out that he has some expertise in investment banking. With UnMail the employee can share his expertise or he can move internally to the respective department. This comes in the greater advantage of both the organization and the employee. This results in a significant reduction in attrition level.”


He also says that grooming of new employees also becomes easier and faster with UnMail.


“As all documents related to a project is shared in the social rooms the new comers will get to know what is happening in regard to the project in quite faster way than the traditional mode of training.”



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