A work-less world awaits

November 29, 2017 12:35 pm

Eventually, artificial intelligence will free most us from the daily work. 

Complex to simple work will be handled by robots and free us from boring routines.  Anything that creates a false appearance of importance or being unnecessarily overly busy and corporate power plays that keep us under the weights of unfitting titles on our business cards will be stripped. We are at a major intersection; either we will be pushed aside as totally redundant or we will be embraced as very smart thinker.  Smart thinkers will be measured by distinct capability of moving organizational dots from one plateau to another in high frequency rhythms with global age speed of execution and deep understanding for growth and prosperity.

Redundant will be the routine-depended workers fearful of robots and transformational changes. A pure hell for those addicted to being unnecessarily busy and in cumbersome layers of office bureaucracies to create the aura of being very important.  All routine tasks will be just one simple and instant results button called DONE. Thinking and pondering will regain new respect as overloaded driven performers will move out. New practices of coaching and psychological adjustments will emerge. A brand new culture of ‘nouveau occupationalist’ will appear.

We don’t have the time to sit around and wait as AI robots are already on the march. 

AI and robots are liberators; the sooner we eliminate daily repeated work and replace with creative and entrepreneurial thinking the faster we become smarter and eliminate lingering fears and incompetencies. Fear not the AI, fear incompetencies driving the economical development to the ground. Mankind is hardwired to survive at every crossroads. Never ever be afraid of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or whatever.  They are only coming to only help our thinking and make our quality work shine.

New global age thinking can be demonstrated by dramatically different styles of executions, large scale national or global collaborative deployments and showdowns. People will no longer search for work.  Smart work itself will automatically sniff out smart workers.

This is a new world that soon will have it new laws and creates new demands on ‘managing economical growth with almost 100% unemployment’ or things like ‘diversity and tolerance rules amongst overly crowded with robots’ such new wisdom will surely emerge. The new global age creators of new economical prosperity will use the old dead models as fertilizers to grow new ideas. This is all about new language, new understanding and new vision.

Cavemen were shown no mercy and were forced to accept the round wheel

Remember only ‘robotic type humans’ are petrified of robots, mentally fluid smarts are not. Once we get liberated by AI, a new world of Virtual Reality will amuse us, a new universe of new vision and opportunities will open.  Advanced Study on Google:  ‘national mobilization’ and ‘entrepreneurial deployments’ as new phenomena of economical prosperity.

Rest is easy…


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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