102 charitable societies use STC donation number service

February 17, 2014 1:34 pm

STC harnessed technology to serve the authorities looking after charitable activities in the kingdom by facilitating donation and charity to the needy via an easy and convenient method affordable to all. This takes place by just sending a text message of which value fully goes to the charitable society to which the donation is made. The number of charitable and official societies has reached 102 societies across the kingdom.

STC is the leading organization in offering donation service or what is called the ‘short code’. The donation via this service helped in providing new revenue sources to the societies and have increased the income of the charitable societies generally. This contributed to obtaining good financial returns by these societies which supported them in carrying out their duties, performing their mission and delivering their services to orphans, the poor, disabled and sick people.

The service ensures the donations of customers reach eligible persons via approved official channels and to authorized organizations through easy, convenient and reliable methods.

The number of charitable societies using the donation number service provided by STC across the kingdom has increased after the officials of these societies touched the importance of using these new techniques. The service facilitates donations and guarantees timely delivery to eligible parties which vindicates this initiative has won the acceptance of all charitable societies and organizations and allowed them reach donors whose donations could not have been accessed without this new service.