Apps every entrepreneur should try

May 27, 2014 4:55 pm

Whether it is to increase efficiency during the day or help strike up a better work-life balance, apps can be useful tools for any busy professional. Scheduling events, taking notes and managing books on the go have never been easier than it is today and it’s all about finding the perfect app that works for you.

Entrepreneurs in the technologically savvy Dubai definitely know the value of staying up to date and here are a few apps that they say has helped lighten the load, allowing them focus on their passions.

Staying efficient: Danish Farhan, CEO of Xische & Co.

  1. Tempo has single-handedly rebooted the calendar for me. It takes mundane appointments and gives it extraordinary context. For a meeting with someone, I immediately get any past related emails, the attendee’s LinkedIn profile, automatic dial-in code for conference calls and GPS location data picked up from email conversations. After using Tempo for six months now, it’s unthinkable to go back to a plain vanilla calendar app that shows you the obvious at best
  2. Daedalus is a note-taking app that syncs data across devices and the cloud via Dropbox, but what makes it stand out, is its ability to mimic real life. The ingenuity is in the form of the visual ‘paper-stack’ approach of its interface. In real life, notes are made on papers, cards and books. Daedalus does just that – in stark contrast to a typical folder navigation that most apps deploy

Maximizing productivity: Omar Kassim, founder of JadoPado

  1. Simplenote. An alternative to Evernote, which is a full-blown brain replacement, Simplenote keeps all of your text notes in sync across platforms. It includes clients for iOS, Android, Kindle, as well as OS X. It is great for keeping anything that you need to write down available at any time
  2. HipChat. Private group chat for businesses. We’ve been using this extensively, both at JadoPado, as well as our wider business, for a number of years. It helps us stay in touch both at the office, while we’re on the move and when we’re travelling. We’ve got a number of integrations that we’ve built using HipChat’s API that alerts us when new orders come in, when orders are delivered and so on
  3. Tweetbot. A really well polished Twitter client by the team at TapBots that goes above and beyond the default Twitter app on iOS. It helps me stay on top of all stuff Twitter at any time

Business development: Ambareen Musa, founder and CEO of

  1. Google Analytics. A fantastic app if you have an online business as it provides you with all of the details you need on your website performance and it’s in your hands at all times
  2. Mailchimp. This is a great way to keep a close eye on how users react to the different newsletters they are sent
  3. Banking app. This allows me to keep track of my cash flows. There’s nothing more important than cash flows in a start-up

Meeting business-specific needs: Rishi Aggarwal, managing director at Grand Signature Technical Services

BUDGT. Helps me keep control of business budgets and individual project budgets

Magicplan. Every architect and designer’s dream, it automatically draws a floor plan based on photographs taken with measurements with a 95 percent accuracy rate