Batelco diamond sponsor of Bahrain Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation

April 12, 2014 12:17 pm

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading integrated telecommunication service provider, is proud to announce its diamond sponsorship for the Bahrain Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO Bahrain).

For the third consecutive year, Batelco, represented by Al Dana Club, is supporting the EO Bahrain as part of its commitment to the business community in the Kingdom and the development of the national economy.

Al Dana Club is an elite Batelco initiative providing exclusive privileges to its valued members. It offers its members value through providing them with access to elite clubs and entities; such as EO Bahrain, as many of Al Dana Club members are popular entrepreneurs.

EO Bahrain is part of a dynamic global network of more than 9,500 business owners in more than 40 countries. Since its inception in 2004, EO Bahrain has grown to 44 members representing some of Bahrain’s leading private organisations.

The EO’s role is to support entrepreneurs through building a strong and mutually respectful peer support network and the exchange of knowledge and experiences through hosting workshops, seminars and events.

“Supporting entrepreneurs is a core value at Batelco’s Al Dana Club. Our partnership with EO Bahrain is in line with our steadfast commitment to the business community and aims at enhancing the value entrepreneurs receive from both organizations,” said Batelco Consumer Division General Manager Muna Al Hashimi.

“Our support for entrepreneurs is not confined to sponsorship. We also support EO Bahrain endeavours through actively participating in a number of key events organised by their chapter and providing them with all sorts of assistance in terms of knowledge and experience,” added Mrs. Al Hashimi.

EO Bahrain Chapter President Mahmood Al-Yousif said that EO Bahrain is very satisfied to once again partner with Batelco to deliver mutual exclusive benefits for their members as well as Al Dana Club members with whom they share many entrepreneurial traits.

“Both groups recognise the value of quality learning opportunities, exemplified by the many seminars and workshops EO Bahrain runs throughout the year by some of the world’s leading authorities and influencers, who are invited to cover subjects encompassing the whole circle of the entrepreneur; addressing our engagement with our community, our family, our business and ourselves,” Mr. Al-Yousif added.

The announcement of this collaboration is great news for Bahraini entrepreneurs, as many Al Dana members are entrepreneurs. This partnership will allow Al Dana members to enjoy some of the benefits of the EO Bahrain organised events, seminars and knowledge sharing.

As an additional benefit of the partnership, Batelco will be providing EO Bahrain with full support by designing dedicated promotions for the partnership period, and by enabling EO Bahrain members to apply for Al Dana Club membership to enjoy its extended privileges.