Batelco and Tamkeen support skills development for Bahraini graduates in the field of telecommunications

June 25, 2014 1:33 pm

Batelco, as part of its commitment to education and in line with its desire to cooperate with National institutions to train and develop Bahraini graduates, has started a Telecommunications Professional Development Programme.

The programme is in collaboration with Tamkeen to train and prepare fourteen holders of Bachelor’s degrees to specialise in different jobs required by Batelco. The aim of the programme is to equip the graduates with the necessary practical experience to gain specialisation in the field of telecommunications, whether with Batelco or with other companies.
The programme will run for a year; during this time the trainees will receive various kinds of theoretical and practical training through a highly integrated programme. The performance of each trainee will be appraised through monthly reports and professional performance tests.

Speaking on the occasion of the programme launch, Tamkeen’s Vice President for Human Capital Development, Amal Al-Kooheji, highlighted the importance of investing in the enhancement of skills and capabilities for Bahrainis as well as supporting employment and career advancement.

“Based on this principle, Tamkeen has developed programmes that aim to develop the human capital of Bahrain according to market requirements and provide Bahrainis with opportunities to gain the necessary skills to mould them into employees of choice.”

Batelco Bahrain GM Human Resources & Corporate Services Suhaila Alnowakhda, extended her congratulations to the successful candidates and stated that the programme is the fruit of cooperation between Batelco and Tamkeen to boost the level of Bahraini graduates and to make Bahraini citizens the first choice for employment in the telecommunications sector.

“Batelco is honoured to participate in this programme. We would like to thank Tamkeen’s Chairman, H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al-Khalifa, for allowing us this opportunity of cooperation. God willing, the programme will establish a long-term co-partnership with Tamkeen,” she added.