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Cherfane Trading (Chetraco) launches Huawei smart phones in Lebanon

May 3, 2014 10:44 am

Cherfane Trading Company (Chetraco) launched Huawei smart phones in Lebanon.

The press conference that took place at Le Royal Dbayeh, welcomed a crowd of technology and lifestyle journalists to discover and experience the smart phones which made an impression on the Android market globally.

“Today we welcome the Huawei smartphones to the unique, multi faceted national distributor Chetraco family alongside other brands such as kelvinator, Candy, JBL/Harman Kardon, TCL, Midea and Fratelli Onofri. Chetraco proved to be an efficient, cost-effective distribution partner for its manufacturers and national customer base and we are highly optimistic in the positive results that will be achieved with Huawei’s addition to Chetraco’s portfolio,” said Mr. Eddy Cherfane, CEO of Chetraco.

Huawei is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company and it is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world. Its Consumer Business Group is committed to creating the most innovative, user friendly smart phones in the world, that made it achieve the 3rd place in global smart phones market share, securing its place as a leader in the smartphones business.

“The smart phones market in the Middle East is rapidly evolving and Huawei is expanding its regional footprint steadfastly. We are forging strong ties with local distributors in every market, leveraging their knowledge of local consumer demands and our latest innovations in smart phone technologies,” noted Ashraf Fawakherji, Vice President Middle East Device Business.

Known for the world’s slimmest smart phone, the passionately anticipated Huawei mobiles join the Android smart phones family available for consumers in Lebanon, through Chetraco distributors.

“Lebanon is a small yet important market for smartphones; it is where the latest technology gets adopted early due to the avant-garde nature of the Lebanese consumers. What we are launching today, really takes just an implausible quantum leap forward for Chetraco and for the smartphone market in Lebanon.” Added Cherfane

Mr. Elia Haj Elias, Devices Sales and Marketing Manager of Huawei phones in the Levant, showcased the various models in the Huawei mobile phones range, highlighting the state-of-the-art technology and distinctive design, features and specifications of the phones.

1- 30% more power saving than any other phone in its segment.
2- 25% faster charging than any other phone in its segment.
3- Innovative design for ease of use, high durability, and Unique Identity.
4- Emotion UI, Huawei’s own flavor of android customization built for Ease of use and high personalization.

The Huawei devices are initially available at Cherfane Trading approved suppliers shops all over Lebanon.

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