“Drive Zain” social media campaign receives 1.6 million views on YouTube

March 23, 2014 4:13 pm

Zain Group, a pioneer in mobile telecommunications across eight markets in the Middle East and Africa announces the overwhelming success of its latest Drive Zain road safety Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, which has received 1.6 million views on YouTube from across the globe in a space of just 3 weeks since its launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

The highly impactful campaign, which specifically targets social media users, is aimed at promoting the responsible use of mobile phones while driving, while the overall “Drive Zain” promotion has the ultimate aim of improving driver safety and combating the high incidence of fatal and serious automobile accidents on public roads.

During Mobile World Congress 2014, Zain introduced three different television commercials to over 100 assembled guests and international media at the company’s hospitality suite in Barcelona. It was outlined that the commercials were to be aired and promoted on all major social media channels -YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- and would also be supported by print advertisements circulated across the region.

Commenting on the massive success and visibility of the campaign that attracted over a million viewers from across the globe, Zain Group CEO Scott Gegenheimer said; “Through ‘Drive Zain’, we are fulfilling our responsibility towards addressing dangerous consequences of our core business activity. The public at large and young people especially do need to be made aware and regularly reminded of the terrible consequences that a moment’s inattention on a mobile device may cause while driving .We shall continue pushing this point home in a bid to further raise awareness and save lives.”

Since the launch of Drive Zain in June 2011, Zain has played an active role in raising awareness through numerous multimedia campaigns and on-the-ground initiatives. This latest campaign placed an emphasis on social media platforms, drawing a focus on young people across Zain Group’s international footprint, who are significant consumers of social media and apps on mobile phones and tablets.

Having recognized the important role social media plays in the lives of young audiences, the latest campaign was developed using social media language, accompanied with hard-hitting taglines such as ‘Pull the brakes on social media. Don’t text and drive,” as well as delivering a strong message highlighting the very serious and somber consequence of the improper use of mobile devices while driving. References to ‘number of views’, ‘number of followers’ and ‘profile picture updated’ have been incorporated into the creative campaign, which are common phrases in the online and social media world, but are deliberately given a more tragic tone in the advertisements in reference to the people who are left behind following losses of life from traffic accidents.

Given the 1.6 million plus views on YouTube, and the active responses and engagements on other social media channels, the campaign appears to have connected with the key constituents it was targeted at.

Comments from the public left on social media channels regarding the latest “Drive Zain” campaign included, “Thank you, Zain, for this educational work”, “Agreed; safety first. Thank you, Zain”, and “Absolutely, everything can wait. Safety first.”

Over the years the Drive Zain multimedia campaigns have included eye-catching slogans such as ‘Ignore your best friend’, ‘Reject your mom’s call’ and ‘Hang up on your wife’, in a bid to emphasize the point of not allowing oneself to become distracted by communications while driving.

Additionally, Zain operations in coordination with government bodies undertook road shows and visited private and government schools and universities, establishing open panel sessions to encourage dialog and raise awareness. A diversity of TV, print, billboard and radio media outlets, talk shows and interviews; and social media channels have also been utilized to promote this topical issue.

Zain Group is rolling out this campaign across its footprint of eight markets as part of its corporate social responsibility agenda, assisting in safeguarding the lives of people in the communities in which it serves.