Du announces a simplified portfolio of plans for postpaid customers

June 7, 2014 11:29 am

People nowadays lead busy lives, so why should their mobile plans add to the complexity? Keeping the varying usage pattern and convenience of customers in mind, du has introduced a streamlined portfolio of plans for its postpaid mobile customers. So whether it’s local or international calls or data, or a mix of both, du has a plan that’s flexible enough to suit the exact needs of every customer – these make for the most well-rounded and unbeatable mobile plan propositions in the market.

The simplified plans on offer are:
The Smart Plan: Starting from monthly fees of just AED 150, The Smart Plan is a comprehensive suite of plans designed for a customer making both national and international calls. The plans come with up to 2500 flexi minutes and up to 10 GB data. Flexi minutes can be used for international or national calls. More details are available on: http://www.du.ae/mobile/mobileplans/the-smart-plan.

Emirati Plan: This is a suite of plans designed for predominantly national callers. The plans come with up to 2000 national minutes, generous data of up to 2GB and up to 1000 SMS, all this at a monthly fees starting just AED 100. Beside the clear advantages enjoyed by UAE nationals through its attractive benefits, one of the most distinctive features of Emirati Plan is the fact that it allows the customer to give back to their community by utilising 5% of the plan’s monthly fee towards sustainability efforts. More details are available on http://www.du.ae/mobile/mobileplans/emirati.

From various customer researches, du believes that there are two basic needs of usage among current users – voice and data. The new plans have been designed keeping these core needs in mind. Then again, among voice users there are two broad segments of customers. First, people who make a mix of national and international calls and second, customers who predominantly make national calls.

If customers exhaust the minutes that are part of the plan, they will be charged at the rate of 0.6 fils per second for national calls and a flat rate of 4 fils per second for international calls starting from 10 July 2014. This is also applicable for existing plans like Elite Regular Plan and Elite Super Plan as well as du business customers.

Existing customers on other plans: Customers on other du postpaid plans are invited to move to these plans absolutely free of charge and enjoy the generous allowance of free minutes and data. They can move to any of these plans that they deem fit for their usage type by simply accessing online self-care or calling our customer care.

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