du’s efforts towards Emiratisation and training recognised by Dubai Women’s College for the 3rd consecutive year

June 4, 2014 1:16 pm

For the 3rd consecutive year du has been named the Employer of the Year by Dubai Women’s College, during a Celebration of Partnership Event for the Academic Year 2013 held at Dubai Women’s College.

The award is in recognition of du’s continued efforts to provide employment opportunities for UAE nationals, in addition to building a strong corporate culture and a nurturing career environment that encourages employee growth.

“As an Emirati company, we aim to become an employer of choice for talented UAE nationals, in line with the Emiratisation vision of the nation’s leadership,” said Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Resources & Shared Services Officer, du.

“Our working environment provides employees with the opportunity to develop their personal and professional competencies. This allows them to achieve their full potential to be significant contributors to the continued growth of the UAE, while working in a rewarding, community-conscious career, driven by sustainable values. We would like to thank Dubai Women’s College for recognising our efforts to become a top employer, for the 3rd consecutive year.”

du invests heavily in the development of the Emirati leaders of tomorrow’s telecommunications industry, who will lead the UAE forward in the nation’s telecoms-powered Smart City future. The company aims to provide UAE nationals with a career, rather than merely a job, and offers training opportunities that allow employees the unlimited capability to explore their full potential.

Emiratisation is a top priority for du. As of 31 December 2013, the company’s workforce comprised 34 % Emiratis. du’s Masar Graduate Trainee Programme and Masar Sponsorship Programme have provided hundreds of Emiratis with rewarding careers within the fastest-growing telecommunications company in the region. And, once they are within du, employees are given a personalised career path with continuous opportunities to improve upon their skills with numerous training opportunities, which allow them to develop, grow, and progress throughout their career.

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