du’s Hag El Laila television commercial captures local tradition and heritage in UAE

June 11, 2014 3:51 pm

In celebration of Hag El Laila, and to raise awareness of the UAE’s traditions, du has released a new video production that brings to light the customs practiced at this time of year. The video production can be seen on du’s social media channels: http://www.youtube.com/user/theduchannel,www.facebook.com/du and @dutweets on Twitter.

The TVC focuses on three characters: Abdulla, Amna, and Al Anood, and how they celebrate Hag El Laila in the traditional Emarati style. In addition to the three central figures, 20 children participated in the creation of the advert.

Music featured on the TVC was composed to give a modern twist to the traditional Hag El Laila song, to appeal to all generations in the UAE. du customers can download the song by calling 156 from their mobile phones.

Hala Badri, Executive Vice President Brand Communication du, said, “Our Hag El Laila production brings the joy of the celebration into homes across the UAE, while also serving as an educational message for families who are unfamiliar with this tradition. As an Emirati company we are committed to preserving the traditions of the UAE, and spreading awareness of our customs amongst the varied nationalities that reside within our community.”

In addition to the launch of the TVC, du will spread the joy of Hag El Laila amongst its staff and members of the community by distributing sweets. du customers are invited to visit the new du shop in Mirdif City Centre on 12 June at 4pm. The 3 heroes of the Hag El Laila video will be present, and visitors have a surprise in store for them as well.

Hag El Laila, meaning ‘for this night’, is an annual traditional occasion that is celebrated to mark the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan. On the 14th night of the lunar calendar month of Shaa’ban, 15 days before Ramadan begins, children dress in traditional clothes and go around their neighbourhood collecting sweets and nuts from their neighbours in a bag. As they go, they sing a traditional song: ‘Atoona Allah yaa’teekoum bet Makah yewadeekoum,’ meaning ‘give to us and God will give to you, and, with his grace, you will visit Mecca’. At the end of the evening, they compare their bags to see who collected the most sweets.

The tradition is celebrated across the Muslim community. Elsewhere in the GCC, it is known by different names and is celebrated either mid-Shaa’ban or mid-Ramadan. In Qatar it is called Garangao; in Bahrain it is called Gergaoon; in Oman it is called Garangesho, and in Kuwait and Saudi, it is called Gargean.

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