Enriching Kuwait’s February festivities was key to Zain

March 6, 2014 11:53 am

Zain the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait announces the successful conclusion of its active participation in this year’s February festivities, which marked Kuwait’s 53rd Independence anniversary and 23rd Liberation anniversary. The activities spring from Zain’s core belief that social cohesion is a crucial element of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

Through this year’s events, Zain reiterated its message to the wider public, affecting people’s feelings towards their beloved Kuwait under the slogan, “Our diversity is what distinguishes us”. This theme carries a number of wonderful meanings and Zain was intent on participating in activities to mark the significant national milestones reached during the course of February.

Initially, Zain announced its sponsorship of the Hala February festivities, something it has supported for many years now. Commenting on Zain’s participation, Omar Saud Al Omar, Zain’s Chief Executive Officer said: “Zain has long considered itself as a key partner of Kuwaiti society, especially in such national carnivals.”

During the opening ceremony of the Hala February festival Zain was keen on driving a sense of happiness and togetherness within the hearts of Kuwaitis and the expatriate community. The company organized several activities and folkloric entertainment during the festival in addition to providing numerous competitions and prizes. The public response was especially positive, with droves of people coming to witness the festival’s opening ceremony at Salem Al Mubarak Street.

Zain also sponsored six musical concert evenings during Hala February in cooperation with the Rotana Holding Group, entertaining the public by hosting some renowned Arab singers who performed at Kuwait’s Ice Skating Rink.

Poetry recitals and a cultural evening during the Hala February were sponsored by Zain, injecting intellectual and artistic activities to the proceedings. The poetic forum was one of the many undertakings during the festival, and gathered some of the very best poets in the GCC and Arab world.

Zain also commenced the month of February with the launch of an outstanding commercial entitled “Ya Zain Al Kuwait”, which highlighted the beauty of Kuwait, particularly during the wonderful festive times. The commercial managed to raise patriotism to new levels and during the three-hour shoot, Kuwaitis from various backgrounds were incorporated, showcasing the inclusive diversity of Kuwaiti society.

The company also sponsored the 7th annual ‘Proud to be Kuwaiti’ (P2BK) exhibition. The P2BK exhibition was a key event that provided established corporations in the country with the opportunity to support the country’s young, aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. Zain was the main sponsor of the popular exhibition, which extended until the end of February. The company stated that being part of this remarkable national event for the fifth consecutive year showcased its dedication to empowering the entrepreneurial and vocational skills of young people in Kuwait. Zain believes that by investing in the younger generation it is helping pave the way for a prosperous future.

Zain’s volunteers also chose the month of February to visit children in hospitals to distribute gifts and celebrate the national occasion in a family atmosphere full of joy. The company’s volunteers visited children in Zain, NBK and Ibn Sina hospitals, where company representatives expressed their heartfelt appreciation to all parties involved in organizing the visits including hospital staff, officials, and the volunteers themselves, who all helped draw a smile from the faces of the children.

The company’s Corporate Communications and Relations team also participated in the Kuwait’s national celebrations organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs’ care centers for orphans, special needs cases, and the elderly on the 25th of February to spread the joys of the national holidays.

In further efforts, Zain arranged a recreational day for people with special needs and revealed numerous surprises that were designed to bring a little relief to the participants’ experience. Several activities were organized including competitions, prizes, and gifts.

Not forgetting its key asset, the employees, Zain celebrated the national holidays with its employees, with an event held in the company’s main headquarters in a patriotic and family-oriented atmosphere in the presence of the company’s executives alongside a large number of employees. The event was well received, and a feeling of unity heightened.

Zain has long considered itself as a key partner of Kuwaiti society, especially in national celebrations. The company has achieved numerous outstanding milestones by supporting many social programs, especially related to the annual national celebrations.