Hayat Communications KSC records 19% increase in profit in 2013

April 9, 2014 12:33 pm

Hayat Communications held its ordinary and extraordinary general assembly in the premises of the Ministry of Commerce in presence of the Chairman Amer Bazei Alyassin in addition to the board members, executive management and shareholders.

During the assembly, Hayat Communications revealed its financial results for the year ending in December 31st, 2013 during which the company has scored a 19% growth recording KD2,877,142 in comparison with KD2,458,792 in 2012.

Commenting on the results, Mr. Imad Hayat – Vice Chairman & CEO, said: “Year 2013 was a year full of challenges where we promised to walk the talk and bring in internal efficiencies to contain the failing results achieved over the previous two years. We’ve been committed to re-prioritize our plans in addition to customizing new growth strategic plans for our operations which were the main drive greatly helped in doubling our efforts to steadily overcome the challenges and growing competition.”

“I’m pleased today to share with you the results of these efforts and we do expect greater achievement by the end of 2014.”

Addressing the shareholders and media representatives, Hayat pointed to the important development the company’s operations have witnessed during 2013. He said: “We have managed to overcome the negative impacts of the financial crisis as well as the accumulated losses which would have prevented any positive results should they’ve remained.”

Hayat attributed the profit increase to the reduction in costs policy implemented by the company during 2013 and led accordingly to reduce the overall cost giving a wider margin for the company operations to grow.

With a new management enthusiastic team, Hayat confirmed that the company will prosper with more new expansion opportunities to discover while reinforcing relations with current customers and simultaneously eying prospects.

He added: “Our strategy for the forthcoming period embeds a bundle of diversified products and services, maintaining the policy of cost reduction and enticing the support of our professional management team which is playing a key role in attracting new opportunities and fostering our geographical presence.”

On the same note, Hayat Communications aspires to lead the market by providing specialized solutions; it currently works on implementing a new work prototype to increase the profitability. The company as well is taking effective measures with the prime aim to secure extreme benefits to shareholders.

Hayat Communications prime aim during the coming period is to pioneer the provisioning of telecom infrastructure in the Middle East including design, implementation and services’ management. The company enjoys a rich expansion with operations in all of: Qatar, KSA, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and India.

Hayat ended: “We dedicate our success to our customers for their trust in us, their confidence motivates us to exert more efforts to always meet their expectations and to our employees for their deeply appreciated efforts.”


Hiba Al Zouhbi
Media Relations
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