Latest smart devices with the postpaid plans from STC

June 7, 2014 9:50 am

In STC provided its customers the latest smart devices with the new Postpaid plans (100 – 200 – 400) as well as diverse options of obtaining a smart phone with the most recent standards.

These plans provide customers with cash discounts or by adding the discount amount to the invoice divided equally by the number of months of the contract. It is to be noted that the 18-months contract offers a discount of up to SR 2,700 on the price of the smart device with the 400 postpaid plan and a discount equal to SAR 900 with the 200 postpaid plan and SAR 450 discount on the price of the device with 100 postpaid plan

If a customer opts for an 18-month contract, for example, she or he benefits from on the device price with the Postpaid 400 plan, a discount of SR 900 with the Postpaid 200 plan, and a discount of SR 450 with the Postpaid 100 plan.

By offering these features of the new postpaid plans, STC seeks to provide its customers with the latest services and devices in the field of technology and deliver the most recent and most sophisticated products at the best prices supported with a strong and full coverage of high speed 4G LTE services.