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Legacy tech infrastructure puts oil and gas companies at business risk, according to Huawei

March 5, 2014 9:02 am

Huawei, a global ICT solutions provider, connected with industry energy leaders at IDC’s CIO Summit 2014 to remind key decision makers of the security risks due to outdated ICT infrastructure.

During a panel at the CIO Summit, Huawei outlined the crucial importance of having a reliable, robust and secure network to fend off cyber-attacks and respond quickly to a potential crisis. By investing in the right technology, oil and gas companies can protect their oil pipelines, rigs and plants against sabotage, illegal tapping and cyber-attacks.

According to Huawei, the Middle Eastern energy sector needs to increase its adoption of digital oilfield and intelligent pipeline technology. Investment in this level of ICT allows oil companies to better manage and visualize data, establish a communications infrastructure that links their upstream, midstream and downstream activities together building a unified system that can detect and isolate faults or attacks at all stages.

Joe So, Vice President of Sales, Enterprise Business, Huawei Middle East, said: “Technology has the ability to replace the role of human site inspectors who risk their lives working in extremely hazardous conditions. Not only is oil exploration becoming more competitive with theft of sensitive data a recurring threat, but oil projects usually take place in hazardous terrains and parts of the world that sometimes experience political instability. Oil companies need to ensure they have a secure and reliable infrastructure, which allows for the use of wireless technology, to deal with the deluge of data travelling from offshore to onshore sites. By having a unified ICT system, operators will be able to intelligently and automatically capture key performance refinery and pipeline data without the needs for engineers to risk spending time in the field.”

Huawei offers specific ICT solutions tailored to the oil and gas sector ranging from wireless technology, Emergency Command Center Solutions, CCTV and Unified Tele-Presence Services.

Huawei’s Emergency Command Centre (ECC) solutions allow oil and gas companies to monitor their oil delivery fleets and ensure their cargo is safe. An important component of Huawei’s ECC solutions is CCTV systems, which ensure workforce safety and the protection of assets by preventing intrusions, terrorism, thefts and data leakage. With energy sector workers often sent offshore for long periods of time, energy companies are increasingly seeing a compelling case for investing in telepresence and video conference facilities.

“Rather than quickly buying solutions off the shelf, oil and gas companies need to look at customizing their solutions based on their individual requirements so that their network can respond to the sensitivity of its business and priorities.” Concluded So.

Additionally, Joe So outlined some of the current trends that are being implemented in the Oil and Gas sector, which are helping to reduce risk and increase profitability. One of these trends included the deployment of flexible and secure mobile Video conferencing solutions.

There is a rising in popularity in the use of Telepresence or video conferencing solutions through mobile devices, enhancing communications within the energy sector and reducing operational costs and risk. Implementing an immersive Telepresence system that supports smart devices is a benefit for energy engineers that are required to work offsite at plants, on rigs or at refinement stations. It reduces the need for unnecessary travel and provides immediate contact with the staff on the ground, which ultimately allows for faster response times, lower costs and reductions in risk.

Huawei has a number of projects implemented across the region in the oil and gas sector, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as working globally projects in Mexico, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and China.

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