Level 3 and du introduce new fiber-based global broadcast solution for the Middle East, to meet growing demand for high-quality content

March 12, 2014 4:12 pm

Strengthening their presence in the Middle East, du and Level 3 Communications introduced the expansion of Level 3’s Vyvx Solutions into the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This marks a welcome addition for international broadcasters to better meet viewers’ demand for high-quality content, such as major sporting events. Co-operating with UAE telecom operator du in delivering the service, Level 3 established a Point of Presence (PoP) at datamena, the carrier-neutral data centre and connectivity platform based in the UAE serving the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

The Level 3 suit of Vyvx services will complement du’s existing broadcast services with global fiber-based video transport services, designed to meet ever expanding bandwidth needs. As a result, du will be able to provide its broadcast network customers with on-net access from the local node to Level 3’s global network footprint.

du and Level 3 Communications are confirming their commitment to delivering high-quality global broadcast solutions in the UAE with a joint presence at CABSAT, the conference dedicated to professional content management in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE; 11th – 13th March 2014).

“These are exciting times – the UAE is well-known for hosting major sporting events and concerts as well as some of the world’s newest production studios which focus the world’s attention on the country”, said Martin Ford, senior vice president of Sales for Europe Middle East and Africa at Level 3 Communications. “Our first Vyvx PoP in the Middle East will enable regional broadcasters and content producers to send and receive their content globally over Level 3’s secure, reliable and high-speed media network.”

“Level 3’s growing broadcast infrastructure and network scalability is helping us expand our business,” said Mahesh Jaishankar, vice president datamena & Broadcast, du. “As a leading provider of media broadcast solutions in the UAE, we service the major broadcasters. The introduction of Vyvx will play a critical role in delivering our customers the international reach they need, and to meet expectations of viewers for high quality content.”

Media organisations in the Middle East will now be able to receive and transmit live sports, breaking news and other video content to global audiences in a more agile and reliable way. The new Level 3 offering will also provide global enterprises with the opportunity to deliver their broadcast content more readily to avid audiences throughout the Middle East.

Compared to traditional satellite services, fiber cables are less prone to interferences and therefore more reliable, while also offering greater bandwidth capacity at a price point that has become more accessible. The Level 3 Vyvx service will harness the new local PoP, as well as subsea cables reaching the UAE, to offer protected, direct digital fiber connections to global media companies, who are already familiar with and using the Level 3 Vyvx offering in other markets around the world.