Marhaba from STC allows discounted international calls all day

March 9, 2014 4:43 pm

STC continues offering Marhaba prepaid cards to all customers at the lowest prices all day throughout the week without the need to wait for a discount period. With this Marhaba card matches the aspirations of customers especially limited income customers in order to meet their desires of using many features offered by the card. These features include control of call expenses, connecting them with their relatives across the world, merging the credit with the credit of another card, brief card numbers and in addition other features and characteristics. Furthermore, Marhaba cards are available to everybody since they can be accessed easily via sales outlets spread all over the kingdom.

Marhaba cards enable customers control the value of local, mobile and international calls form any telephone at time and anywhere. The card comes in several denominations i.e. SAR10, SAR20 and SAR50 as a confirmation of STC constant concern for providing the best services and offers of making calls at the least cost.

Customers can use Marhaba prepaid cards from landlines in an easy and simply way by calling the free number 8007008000, then enter the card number to be able to call the required number directly without the need to enter the international zero.

It is worth mentioning that SAWA (SAR1, SAR20 and SAR50) could be used by just entering SAWA voucher number when calling the same free number to change SAWA voucher into Marhaba card.