Mobily launches “Prime” package; the new concept of prepaid packages

May 24, 2014 2:13 pm

Mobily launches a new prepaid package “Prime” which includes a variety of weekly bundles, making it the leading prepaid bundle in the telecom market in the Kingdom, that aims to meet the needs of prepaid customers.

Mobily divided the weekly bundles of Prime into three categories: Prime 20, Prime 40 and Prime 100 with varying features to add big flexibility and to cover the needs and consumption of all customers.

Prime package customers can subscribe to Prime 20 to enjoy 80 minutes to any local network for SAR 20 per week or subscribe in Prime 40 to enjoy 120 weekly minutes to any local network and 1 GB data package for SAR 40 per week.

Subscribers can also join Prime that has the largest advantages in terms of value with 2000 minutes inside Mobily, 150 minutes outside Mobily and 200 SMSs to any local network in addition to data package of 2 GB, all for SAR 100 weekly.

Mobily clarifies that the unused weekly features will be carried to the following week balance, and the weekly subscription is renewed automatically which allows great ease in usage as there is no need to follow up the renewal of your subscription.

In case a subscriber consume his benefits or cancels his Prime bundle, he will still enjoy the basic prices of the package for local minute, local SMS and MMS and internet (MB) for 35 Halalas only. The international SMS cost 45 Halalas/SMS.

The innovation of this new “Prime” bundle comes as an extension of Mobily’s commitment to enrich the lives of its customers. and provide offers to meet their need of dialing minutes and SMSs in addition to internet services, especially that Mobily pays special attention to the prepaid packages as it represent the majority of sound packages.