NCSI launches trial version of ‘Tour Oman’ Smartphone Application

July 26, 2014 9:49 am

Coinciding with the Omani Renaissance Day which is celebrated on the 23rd of July every year, the National Centre for Statistics and Information NCSI has launched a trial version of the new smart phone application ‘Tour Oman’.

This application was developed by the NCSI as part of its plan to provide spatial services and to enhance the Government’s role in providing information backed with geographical locations to citizens as well as visitors of Khareef Salalah.

‘Tour Oman’ aims at introducing an array of services including Government services, hotels, tourism and historic archeological sites to the users. It also provides basic information needed by the tourists while traveling around Oman. The material available in the application is supported with location services of the popular attractions locations around Oman as well as gives details of the emergency numbers. Users can easily get information about the parks around the Sultanate, hotels, restaurants, and shopping destinations through the same. Additionally, ‘Tour Oman’ also provides information related to hospitals, schools, ministries and other governmental bodies. It includes search tools and a map which directs the user on how to reach the desired destination.

The final version of ‘Tour Oman’ will be launched in the future, until then the trial version is available in both Apple Store and Android Market.