New weekly Mousbak plans from Nawras give customers extra minutes, messages and data

January 30, 2014 9:04 am

Nawras has launched two new Mousbak weekly plans, giving customers more minutes, messages and data. The new promotional plans will be available to pre-paid customers for the next three months.

The new Mousbak 2 plan includes 75 national call time minutes or SMS and 50 MB of mobile data, valid for seven days for just 2 Rials. Mousbak 3 has been created to offer prepaid customers 125 national minutes or SMS and 100 MB of data for 3 Omani Rials.

Said Hamed Al Mawali, Senior Manager – Mass Markets Segment, said “We’ve brought down the cost of Mousbak pre-paid weekly plans and added more minutes, messages and data to the packages to basically give customers double the value. The new Mousbak pre-paid plan provides a cost-effective weekly option, with bonus data, minutes and SMS. The discount is more than 100% for the new Mousbak 2 & 3 plans; based on 100% utilisation and the standard Mousbak local voice call tariff and 50MB weekly data plan. This is a great product in the pre-paid market that allows customers to saveup to 129% on the new plans and enjoy lots more value from Nawras.”

Customers can sign up to the Mousbak plans by dialling “141*202# for Mousbak 2 and *141*203# for Mousbak 3.