Opex-Tel to get awarded VSAT license in Egypt from NTRA

April 29, 2014 2:31 pm

NTRA announced giving Opex-Tel the leading company in VSAT technologies a license to provide the local market with internet via satellite ‘VSAT’, that gives Opex-Tel the right to establish and operate a local telecommunication network depends on satellite on the bandwidth ‘KU-Band’ via the central station in Maadi.

The license gives Opex-Tel the right to transfer voice, and data inside Egypt and transfer them outside in, and inside out with internet connection.

Kami Amon Opex-Tel Chairman said, “We are happy getting that license that provides our leadership in telecommunication and internet via satellite by establishing stations and HUB’s units in Egypt and several countries in Africa to serve certain sectors such as communications, Oil, Banking, tourism, Sports, yachts, transportations, and airplanes.” He added, “Internet satellite is the perfect and cheapest way to connect suburbs comparing with ordinary infrastructure cables that needs time and high cost.”

He said, “Opex-Tel has a 15 years experience in this field and has cooperated with NGO’s and international organizations that work in suburbs and need a secured, strong and stable way to communicate with 155 mega bits per second.”

Opex-Tel has several clients in a lot of sectors and it connects banks branches with ATMs besides connecting telecommunication operators with outsourcing companies, in addition to connecting boats with communication tools.

Amon announced that communicating via satellite is not expensive like 10 years ago that make it the best, fastest and cheapest way to communicate after the obvious reduction of its cost that amounted about 70%, with forecast of getting cheaper with higher demand.

Opex-Tel has experiences and technical qualifications that help it to be more stable and dynamic which would help clients to provide better services and higher profits and cost reduction at the same time; especially with the growth in Telecom service work size locally and externally.

It is obvious that Egypt has bad services under the higher demands and the dependence on submarine cables that made NTRA gives us that license that would provide the market with internet services that competes with DSL services which would be more stable with high speeds.