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Orange Jordan in talks to renew 2G licence

May 10, 2014 11:48 am

Orange Jordan has entered into talks with the government to renew its second generation (2G) licence for five years instead of 15 years, Jordan Times has reported. Last month, the government set JD156.4m as the fee for renewing Orange Mobile’s 2G licence for 15 years, but the company protested and said it was “too high”. “The price the government set for renewing the 2G licence for 15 years was very high and illogical… now we are looking into alternatives and are in talks with the government,” Orange Jordan CEO Jean-François Thomas told the daily. Orange Mobile’s licence expired May 8. “We do not think we will need 2G for a very long time; five years’ time is reasonable as in some other countries the usage of 2G stopped already,” Thomas said.