STC achieves unprecedented growth and figures in 4G usage

May 3, 2014 1:40 pm

STC 4G network achieved this year unprecedented figures and a growth that exceeded last year figures by 19000% where the monthly data volume surpassed their counterpart in 3G and 2G networks together by 9%.

STC VP for network indicated the excellence of 4G network usage this year happens despite of the significant growth and the leaps made by 3G and 2G networks this year at 196% compared to last year reflecting the seniority of STC in terms of data and internet volumes in the Saudi marketplace in particular and the Middle East in general.

These figures and growth could not have been achieved but with the blessings of Allah and the trust of customers in STC leading position in internet and data services and its precedence in introduction of 4G services which the company sought to spread its coverage on the widest area of the populated parts by pumping huge investments into the network infrastructure expansion and development projects via the newest and biggest 4G base stations in the region.

The service growth was facilitated by the smart bundles that STC was keen to meet the needs of different customer segments being individuals, residential or business customers by expanding sale points and satisfying the desires of the user in addition to the after – sale services and expansion of virtual channels, social media channels and smart device applications.