STC Business partners with Symantec to provide e-mail protection to business sectors

January 27, 2014 12:11 pm

STC Business announces that a strategic agreement is about to be signed by Creative Telecom Company CTC), STC’s upstream reseller, with Symantec Limited (Symantec) in Riyadh. The agreement anticipates a boom in the e-mail security service market or what is commonly known as “e-mail protection,” which enhances business efficiency and helps safeguard confidentiality. The agreement will be signed by CTC on behalf of STC for onward resale of certain Symantec. Cloud services by STC to STC business customers.

Dr. Khalid bin Hussein Bayari, STC Senior Vice President for Technology and Operations, reiterated STC’s continued assiduity to provide cutting-edge solutions and technology to enhance the efficiency of business and clients of various business sectors. He described the benefit of the agreement with Symantec as a quantum leap in STC’s operation, consolidating its leadership, enhancing its effectiveness and developing its services in accordance with the latest industry standards, thus ensuring that it keeps abreast of highly accurate and effective global solutions, in line with the current levels of increased demand on ICT services management in the world market.

Dr. Bayari acknowledged that, under this agreement, Symantec will provide e-mail protection for businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as e-mail poses one of the greatest threats for virus infections and information security hacking. He pointed out, “The partnership between STC and Symantec helps provide essential protection for business emails against opportunistic and targeted threats and block the huge quantities of spam mail, which often consumes more storage space, wastes staff time, and uses up client network capacity.”

He added, “In order to ensure the smooth flow of this process with highly effective security and reliability, we have adopted cloud computing, which is characterized by the speed of service which allows clients to receive services on the same day, as opposed a few weeks under the tradition method of delivery.” Dr. Bayari pointed out, “This service undergoes constant development and upgrading using the cloud computing technology directly and automatically, which is virtually seamless to the service users, and thus assuring a high level of continuity.”

Kevin Isaac, regional vice president at Symantec, described Symantec’s partnership with STC as a groundbreaking model to provide effective business solutions in Saudi Arabia. He added, “Saudi Telecom is one of the region’s most important telecommunication companies, which in turn makes it an ideal partner for Symantec especially in light of its leadership in the field of providing solutions to better protect organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

It should be noted, “The agreement with Symantec comes as part of STC’s plans for enhancing the security and protection following the launch of its Information Security Monitoring Center last year to improve STC applications and systems security by applying world-class security standards and policies. This improves the level of the services STC offer its customers. STC’s Security Monitoring Center has become a hub to provide information security operation and monitoring services to the companies belonging to STC, in addition to the role it plays in achieving optimal usage at the information security control center, which operates round the clock to run what is considered to be one of the largest telecommunications network in the Middle East in terms of the multiple technologies used to provide information security services, or in terms of the multiple security protection systems. Symantec provides CTC on behalf of STC with 24×7 access to a world-class team of security professionals to provide real-time security monitoring to identify risks and potential attacks, which further strengthens its security posture in Saudi Arabia.”