STC Business in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce HQs

April 2, 2014 9:36 am

STC has opened STC Business sales office at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce HQs in the presence of Dr. Mohammed AL Katheery the secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh and STC VP for Enterprise Mr. Robert Bodafoki.

On this occasion, Dr. AL Katheery emphasized that any partnership between Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and STC would be in the interest of the business sectors stressing the concern of the two parties to promote this partnership that can facilitate many difficulties facing the business sectors especially small and medium enterprises.

For his part, STC VP for Enterprise Mr. Robert Bodafoki noted that opening a business office in the Chamber of Commerce falls within the endeavor of STC to closely feel the needs of its customers to empower them with all solutions it is offering. He added than what has been done is a normal response of STC Business and a keep-up with the expansion of the customer base and the intensive acceptance of STC services indicating that more offices would be opened in different areas where STC Business customers are found.

It is worth mentioning that small and medium enterprise owner, thanks to the new STC Business office inside Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, can get all the services and solutions offered by STC at a single point.