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STC Data Center wins ISO 27001

May 28, 2014 10:37 am

STC announced that its Security Operation Center (SOC) has won the world ISO 27001:2005 in management and operation of world data center services quality management systems.

STC has been granted this certificate by BSI – an independent non-profit organization which awards this certificate worldwide for a period of three years when the representative of BSI conducted a detailed review of the STC policies and process applied in the SOC and made a number of interviews and inspection visits to make sure that world standard parameters were applied.

This accomplishment is a continuation of STC concern for raising the level of all services and management and organizational processes by adherence to the world metrics and standards that rest on meeting and delivering services that feature quick response to customer needs in a way that satisfies them. Furthermore, winning this specialized certification in data security is a proof of its continued accomplishments in this area.

It is worth mentioning that STC Group has opened in conjunction with Semantic International the biggest Data Security Operation and Control Center in the region in a step that aims at upgrading the level of security level STC systems and applications by following standard world policies and criteria in the field.