STC launches LTE – Advance 4G network

February 8, 2014 8:29 am

STC has launched the LTE – Advance 4G network as the first operator in the region that provides his customers with broadband services and a diverse range of applications with high speeds almost twofold of the present 4G network speed. With this STC aims at enhancing the user experience and increase the data transiting rate and strengthen network performance to achieve high internet data download speed and other network usages.

In this connection, the Senior VP of STC Group for Technology and Operations Dr. Khalid AL Biyari said: “STC LTE – A 4G network investments aim at enriching the company customer experience and consolidating its leadership in the Saudi market”. “We have been working with our technology partners in the world market to spread and improve the present 4G services in the local market in order to deliver the best features to service the company customers”. added AL Biyari. He indicated: “The introduction of this service would directly contribute to enhancement and increase of the existing 4G –LTE-TD. These improvements of LTE – A is a beginning of the upcoming service related technologies and easy delivery to customers. By this, we greatly strengthen the experience of our honorable customers. We expect these network developments would continue till it provides data rates of 1 Gigabit/s.

STC widely introduced the 4G LTE-TD service early 2013 and the company saw a significant increase in the number of LTE network users and intensive and high network usage. The capacity of the LTE – A network will be doubled in order to cover bigger areas to support more growth and expansions of the usage of these networks.

It is worth mentioning that STC is a leading world telecom operator and the largest in the region. It always strives to meet customers’ needs and works to provide the best and most advanced services in the world and the same time seeks to improve service delivery to customers. It has a rich and unique experience in building, operating and developing 2G, 3G and 4G?LTE networks. From this point, launching advanced 4G network would protect the current network investments and help provide a competitive mobile networks with broadband services and new solutions that always satisfy the needs of the Saudi market.