STC number 1 telecom company in the Arab world

June 28, 2014 9:53 am

STC ranked number one telecom company in the Arab world and the second strongest organization on “Forbes Middle East 500 top company” list for 2014 using financial performance as of December 2012 as a reference point. Four measures were taken into account: sales, profits, assets and the market value.

The Group made 1.2% increase in revenues and 36% increase in net income a result that reflects the solid finanacial position of the Group and its capability of growing its revenues locally and the success of acquisition deals made by the Group.

STC has played a positive and crucial role in establishment and development of an advanced local telecom industry in addition to its timely response and its active interation with the changes in this industry and harnessing them in promoting its exposure in both the local and international arenas with full focus on the service of customers and investigation and meeting their needs with the highest quality standards.

It is worth mentioning that Forbes Middle East magazine has a license from Forbes International for the Middle East and assesses emerging trends and forecasts potential opportunities in the regional market.