STC participates in Barcelona world mobile telecom congress

February 23, 2014 9:22 am

STC Group participates in the activities of Barcelona World Mobile Telecom Congress hosted by Barcelona city in Spain on February 24 2014. STC Group will be represented by engineer Abdulaziz AL Sugair Chairman and Managing Director, and a number of senior executives.

The involvement of STC Group in MWC-2014 which lasts for four days till the end of the Exhibition on February 27 2014 as a golden sponsorship of the congress TV program live broadcast inside and outside the congress and on the live broadcast website Mobile World Live.

The agenda of STC Group delegation is full of series of meetings with telecom sector senior decision makers, vendors and operators. STC Group is expected to sign on the sidelines of the congress a number of strategic agreements with regional and world communication and information technology organizations. These agreements aim at enhancing and enriching customer experience and providing quality services and new offers that satisfy customer needs as well as improving broadband network infrastructure.

This year exhibition witnesses involvement of over 1500 from 59 countries who intend to display their most recent products, technologies and applications. The event is a platform for exchanging expertise, sharing future visions and striking mobile telecom deals. The congress addresses all aspects usages, applications related to mobile phones and their impact on the lives individuals and communities as well as recognizing the significance of mobile phones in a number of important sectors such as economy, health and media.