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STC reinforces the competitiveness and productivity of small and medium enterprises in the kingdom

May 29, 2014 3:04 pm

STC has reinforced the competitiveness and productivity of small and medium enterprises by intensifying the efforts of localizing the most sophisticated telecom solutions and their smart innovations.

It also offered full fledge initiatives to face the challenges of the labor market included high speed internet, data centers, web conferences and cloud accounting as a modern concept of carrying out administrative operations using state-of- art technical solutions dedicated to small and medium enterprises. This is in pursuit of achieving its strategy of creating a leading local business environment that ensures sustained effective performance. It also provided “Business Light” service addressed to small and medium enterprise customers and many other pioneer services across the kingdom.

STC was able to feel closely the needs of its customers and those initiatives saw wide applaud by official organizations and businessmen who drew the attention to the efforts of STC to provide all services and technical solutions to the kingdom business sector.

Small and medium enterprises are the traditional source of the growth of the national economy and provide a substantial part of private employment and contribute to the kingdom’s GDP. The role played by small and medium enterprises is of great importance as they provide jobs to the citizens knowing that big projects do not thrive without small ones that provide them with needs and buy their products.

It is worth mentioning that business customers can obtain the services of STC Business by calling 909 or visiting model Enterprise centers.