STC supports gathered of 150 countries in the International Telecom Week (ITW)

May 15, 2014 9:57 am

STC Group is going to be the main sponsor for the activities during the annual telecom week “ITW” to be held from 11th to 14th of May in Chicago – United States of America, with participation and presence of more than 5000 delegations representing thousands of companies specialized in Telecommunications and information technology from more than 150 countries worldwide , the ITW meeting is considered as meeting point of world telecommunications community and is the largest kind in the world for experience exchange and transferring of advanced experience in the world of advanced telecommunications.

STC involvement, represented by Wholesale sector, in ITW aims at highlighting its latest leading and comprehensive services in the telecom sector in the region, and to provide an overview of offerings in the area of integrated communications and voice, IP, TV broadcast and to emphasize its position as a leading telecom service provider in the region. The participation of STC in this meeting is the most important and largest in this distinguished presence of senior executives and directors of companies and service providers.

STC shall have access to such great world gathering , keep up with latest development in the world of telecomm. , stand closely from the best experience available for clients from global companies that have big international experience in the field of Telecom. and Information Technologies.