STC tops the list of the winning telecommunications companies in the region

August 12, 2014 10:15 am

STC came in the first class of the winning telecommunication companies in GCC countries during the first half of the current year of 2014; the company was able to achieve a growth rate of 74% in profits.

The good financial results achieved by STC during the first half of this year confirm its ability and its ongoing efforts to develop and improve its strategy and operations, at both national and international levels. This accordingly would strengthen the company’s position locally and regionally. Such results will be reflected positively on the performance of the company in the future and will achieve the best returns for the shareholders.

It is noteworthy that 10 telecom companies in the GCC countries have achieved profits by the end of the first half of 2014 amounted to 4.5 billion dollars, compared to 3.7 billion dollars to the corresponding period of last year and with an increase of 21.4%. the profits of these companies in the second quarter reached 2.36 billion dollars, compared b to $ 1.82 billion of the corresponding quarter last year with an increase of 29.4%. STC achieved the highest rate among such ten companies.