@STCCare crowned as kingdom’s most interactive Twitter account

May 12, 2014 2:58 pm

STC’s customer care account @ STCCare has achieved the title of the most interactive and responsive twitter account in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The coveted title was presented by “Social Bakers” company. Social Bakers, a Czech based company, is considered a leader in observing and analyzing the data related to social media. The company also monitors tens of thousands of companies on Twitter and Facebook and checks the standards related to responses rates for questions and customer inquiries.

@STCCare account is part of the efforts by STC to ensure implementation of the philosophy of customer centricity; the account recently reached the milestone of having more than a million followers. STC customers use the touch point to get interactive and speedy responses to all queries and matters relating to the company’s services in all regions of the Kingdom and abroad. In addition, numbers of fans of STC Facebook account have reached more than 1.3 million.

STC has consistently received positive reviews from customers and other stakeholders for the attention given to answer queries as quickly as possible on the interactive channels. This is a result of STC strong presence on the modern social media networking, where the numbers of followers are growing in the official accounts because of the quick response and resolution through interactive social media.