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Tawasul Telecom sponsors The International Telecom Week ?

May 24, 2014 1:06 pm

The leading provider of MPL based services in the Gulf region and the Middle East, Tawasul Telecom sponsored for the fifth consecutive year the International Telecom Week (ITW) which was held from May 11 to 14th at the Hayat Regency hotel in Chicago/ USA.

The prominent event gathered an elite group of participants who have joined from all around the world with over 5,300 delegates representing around 1,700 companies specialized in all aspects of the Telecom industry including wireless and internet providers, experts in data services, satellite and telecom networks providers.

Committed to developing and upgrading the telecom infrastructure in the Gulf region, Tawasul Telecom’s objectives of sponsoring the occasion stem from its keen interest to seize target new business partnerships while simultaneously communicate with international pioneers in the telecom industry in targeting and seizing new business partnership, while simultaneously engaging with existing partners and industry leaders.

Salem Almulaifi, Business Development Director at Tawasul Telecom said: “ITW is a key event in the telecom industry worldwide considering the number of companies participating and the high level of organization. It has provided a valuable opportunity for us where we met the leaders in the telecom industry and simultaneously reinforced relations with our clients and succeeded in establishing new business relations, which go perfectly in parallel with our expansion strategy”.

Tawasul Telecom has proven itself to be a key player in the industry. The Company spared no effort to continuously support the telecom sector by providing its sponsorship to leading events of the industry such as Capacity Middle East 2014, held previously this year in Dubai while its events’ calendar for the upcoming period includes other strategic ones which will help to raise the company’s profile, and provide the foundation for long lasting strategic business partnerships for years to come.