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Telecom Egypt continues with its pioneering initiative to train and employ people with hearing and speech disabilities at its call centers

May 5, 2014 2:10 pm

TE Data, Telecom Egypt (TE)’s data and internet arm, recently announced the continuation of its pioneering initiative “Ma3ak”, which is aimed at training and employing people with hearing and speech disabilities at its call centers. Trainees will be provided with training on how to handle enquiries from disabled customers using sign language.

Engineer Mohamed El Nawawy, TE’s Managing Director and CEO, emphasized the company’s commitment to continue the “Ma3ak” initiative, understanding the need to best equip university and college graduates with hearing and speech disabilities with the training to take advantage of available job opportunities.

Eng. El Nawawy said “TE has a long history in supporting people with various disabilities. Last year the company employed 30 visually impaired young people at its national directory “140 Daleel” call center, providing them with the necessary training to respond to all customer enquiries, and assist them in finding the right solution.”

The “Ma3ak” initiative is based on communications via video calls using the company’s official website (TEData.net) and customers can conduct video calls with a “Ma3ak” agent and use sign language to explain their problems or enquire about the latest offers and services.

Ahmad Osama, TE Data’s Managing Director, confirmed that the company intends to extend the initiative by adding technical support services in the future.