Touch upgrades telecom services in remote areas via ‘Dary’ line

January 27, 2014 5:43 am

Under the patronage and in presence of the Minister of Telecommunications Nicolas Sehnaoui, Touch, the leading mobile operator in Lebanon managed by Zain, launched “Dary” service, a WLL Fixed Mobile Line service at Qehmez village, caza of Jbeil, in presence of local population and representatives, mainly MPs, Simon Abi Ramia and Walid Khoury.

The Dary package, which comes with a SIM card and a compatible handset, provides remote areas with voice and data capabilities at landline costs. This service is available at all Touch service centers and the certified outlets.

Dr. Charbel Cordahi, CFO at Touch, reiterated the company’s commitment to innovation: “Our team is constantly improving customer service, while expanding Touch’s network and developing the overall telecom infrastructure. These initiatives contribute unquestionably in maintaining our leading positioning which accounts of more than a half of the local mobile subscribers.”

He added: “Our cooperation with the Ministry of Telecommunications, allowed us to bring the “Dary” package at competitive prices with free benefits offered to the users. We will boost our efforts to improve services this year through increasing the number of transmission sites, consolidating the 3G infrastructure while increasing the 4G coverage, the fastest worldwide, following its launch in 2013.”

The Member of Parliament Abi Ramia said: “We praise this important move and establishing the new phone network in the region of Qehmez, where new technology has been deployed to provide the local people with the WLL Fixed Mobile Line service. Our gratitude goes to the Ministry of Telecommunications, their technical team and to Touch.” He added, “We appreciate the work of minister Sehnaoui who has completed great accomplishments in elevating the telecom industry to a highly advanced standard.”

The Member of Parliament, Khoury, stated: “This village is renowned for its history, the strength of its people. We are proud that Qehmez is not only connected to a phone network now, but is also connected to the internet which is considered as a necessity for everyone nowadays.”

Minister Sehnaoui said: “As soon as we have started work at this Ministry, we planned to expand the reach of telecom services as we understood the needs of remote areas that used old technology with no or intermittent internet connectivity. Thanks to the technical team in the ministry and both mobile operators, we were able to establish a new service, the WLL Fixed Mobile Lines service, and joined efforts to issue a decree in the cabinet which identifies and relates this service to a landline. This service allowed residents of the distant regions who were previously denied from advanced technology services to benefit from the new features offered by the new phone network.”

He added: “Dary was designed to serve around 200,000 citizens residing in 210 villages and towns not connected to landlines networks or supported by obsolete technologies that do not allow the subscribers to take advantage of added value benefits such as the internet. This service allows the subscribers to receive a phone subscription similar to the monthly landline subscription rate, rate per minute, internet service and many other added benefits available on mobile phones.”


Jinane Saad
Media Relations Coordinator
ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller
T:+961 5 455454 – ext:410