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TRA holds leaders development course

May 19, 2014 12:30 pm

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain has collaborated with Bond University, Australia to train TRA staff members on series of courses which began last week with the subject of ‘Leading People, Behavior and Strategic Thinking’.

The program comes as part of the TRA’s initiative to shape its future leaders.

“The future of the TRA lies in its staff’s ability to take initiative and lead the way forward. As such, we are dedicated in empowering them with the necessary knowledge and applications to meet the challenge of innovation which we are confident they will persevere in accomplishing,” Director of Human Resources & Finance, Mr. Faisal bin Ali Al Jalahma said. “TRA has been working to establish and create an excellence-based environment through empowering its existing Bahraini competencies and utilizing distinct international expertise in various fields to work in TRA to exchange knowledge and support young Bahraini competencies.” Mr. Al Jalahma added.

Professor Roy Gordon of Bond University, added, “The objective is to bring in different professionals with various bodies of knowledge for the purpose of developing existing and potential leaders with the innovative capacity to be empowered. The TRA are investing in young, energetic and highly capable people who will play a major part in the organization’s future.”

Participants in the program span across all departments and have been carefully selected for their current and potential ability for growth and have shared positive feedback with regards to the course material covered, and will have the opportunity to reflect what they have learned in the form of individual analyses relating to the organization. These contributions will be carefully considered by TRA.

For further information please contact:
email: talbinali@tra.org.bh
Tel: 81188