TRA hosts ‘eBiz Connect’ workshop in Dubai to promote UAE eCommerce

June 3, 2014 11:11 am

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is set to host the second ‘eBiz Connect’ Workshop in its Dubai headquarters on Wednesday, 4th June, 2014. The purpose behind the event is to bring together stakeholders from across the eCommerce industry to discuss ways to advance the sector and enhance online transaction experience of UAE Internet users. Boosting both consumer and business confidence in the safety of the UAE eCommerce system is also a key focus area on the event’s agenda.

“In order for businesses to continue on a path of sustained growth, thinking innovatively is simply a must. Positively, companies right across the Emirates are at the precipice of change and are starting to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities presented by eCommerce,” said H.E. Hamad Al Mansouri, UAE mGovernment Director General.

“With the proliferation smartphones in the Emirates and an ever rising Internet penetration rate, UAE businesses are increasingly moving online to tap into the expanding regional e-Commerce market. The UAE has one of the safest online environments in the world however, it is commonly known that globally, a lack of trust is one of the biggest barriers preventing consumers from shopping online. It is only by working together that the industry can continue to build consumer confidence and this is precisely the motivation behind this workshop,” he added.

According to Visa International, the GCC e-Commerce industry is estimated to grow 35% year-on-year to USD 15 billion in 2015 meaning that it is the world’s fastest-growing market for e-Commerce. Domestically, Frost & Sullivan suggest that eCommerce is the fasting growing business in the UAE. Although currently valued as Dh9.2 billion, Frost & Sullivan expect continued growth for the UAE eCommerce sector with its value rising to Dh36.7 billion by 2018.

Senior officials from right across the UAE TRA will be in attendance at the ‘eBiz Connect’ workshop alongside representatives from ICONICTION; Liana Technologies; MarkTechX; Sand Storm Digital and aeserver.