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TRA hosts the Middle East DNS Forum in Dubai in collaboration with ICANN

February 2, 2014 8:44 am

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) hosts the Middle East DNS Forum in Dubai on February 3-4, 2014. This event comes in collaboration with ICANN and aims to establish a platform for the DNS community in the Middle East and to advance the domain name industry and domain name registrations overall. It also provides a platform for exchanging insights and best practices and promotes the efforts aimed at growing this sector in all its aspects.

The forum will discuss many important issues and key industry topics including the priorities of the DNS industry, using internet resources in the Arab region and the benefits to the UAE and the internet activity in the Arab world. Hosting this significant event will also reinforce UAE’s positioning and its leading role in the DNS industry, and highlights the efforts exerted to support the growth of DNS and internet industry in the Arab region. Moreover, the forum will contribute in promoting local domain names and support TRA’s plans to develop the domain name “.arab”.

“TRA recognizes the importance of these events in building bridges between interested parties in the region and world’s experts in the field. It also boosts coordination efforts with global internet organizations as well as the relevant government entities in Arab countries to promote further industry growth in the region. Furthermore, this significant event reinforces our strategic relationship with ICANN as we continue our joint efforts to provide high-quality services and develop the relationship between registrars and registrants with the private sector,” commented H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General.

“The forum has built on the success achieved last year and implemented the recommendations and decisions adopted in this aspect. This step also contributes to boosting competition in the DNS market and maintaining the highest levels of safety and stability by adopting clear criteria when applying for a domain name, “he added.

The TRA will be sending invitations to accredited registrars, the Chamber of Commerce and institutions that support SMEs as well as Abu Dhabi and Dubai eGovernments. The forum will see participation from TRA officials and industry experts who will be delivering key speeches during the forum to give more insights on the domain names: “.ae” and “.arab”, and educate the audience and all interested parties on the importance of this initiative and its positive impact on the work of TLDs.