TRC: ADSL network availability in Jordan covers all areas

August 18, 2014 9:27 am

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) reports that ADSL network availability in Jordan covers all areas, Zawya reported. The report, which examines the quality of ADSL service at the end of 2013, showed that Zain Jordan ranked first in terms of the least complaints about services, followed by Orange Jordan and Umniah. In terms of connection disruptions, Umniah had the least disruptions, while Zain Jordan came second and Orange Jordan came third, according to the report posted on the TRC ‘s website. The report showed that 85% of complaints about services are resolved within 10 days at each of the three companies. ADSL network availability for Zain Jordan and Umniah reaches 100%, while that of Orange Jordan stands at 99.95%, according to the TRC. Regarding complaints about ADSL bills, Umniah recorded no complaints at all, while Orange Jordan received the largest number of complaints, followed by Zain Jordan.