Umniah concludes 3rd phase of its startup initiative with Plug and Play

March 25, 2014 3:26 pm

Coinciding with its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to support pilot projects in the ICT sector, Umniah recently concluded the third phase of its joint initiative with Plug and Play. The initiative aims to support Jordanian startups in the ICT sector by qualifying them to attend an extensive training course in Silicon Valley, California.

The initiative is held in cooperation with the Information and Communications Association of Jordan (int@j) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to help highlight innovative of Jordanian youth. Entrepreneurial ideas were presented in front of a jury panel represented by local and international officials and included representatives from Jordan-based companies operating in the ICT sector.

Within the third phase of the initiative three winning companies were qualified: AdFalcon, FoodLve and Smart Pen to attend an extensive three-month training course to have the opportunity to communicate and gain expertise from investors within aninternational level. Umniah will soon launch the fourth phase of the initiative giving other entrepreneursthe chance to gainextensive experience in the Silicon Valley.

The program has so far qualified five Jordanian companies specialized in the ICT sector; three of which qualified in the first phase of the program and two in the second.

In light of the conclusion of the third phase of the initiative, the Director of Marketing, Omar Al Omoush said, “The acceleration program gives attention to the expertsin Human Resources sector, with hopes to help support and shed the light on our talented youth in reaching international levels.”

Mr. Al Omoush also confirmed that the company’s goal is to support small and medium-sized companies as they have account for 85% of the global economy with hopes to add high economical value at this rate in the future.

The Vice Chairman of int@j, Bashar Al Hawamdeh talked about the importance of supporting the developing creative ideas and innovative projects for companies and Jordanians entrepreneurs due to the noticeable impact its reflecting in developing of the ICT sector.

The Chief Executive Officerof int@j, Abed Shamlawi have recalled; “Allparties should work to help startup companies in the post-incorporation phase, where the governmental and private sectors in addition to the civil society institutions and funds should contribute their efforts to support entrepreneurs and business incubators.”

The Director of International Operations at Plug and Play, Muhanned Al Khairy, said, “The program continues to show success in Jordan and has seen all its participants active in the industry since its launch. The initiative holds great importance as it helps support Jordan’s younger generations by giving them guidance to better develop their ideas and to obtain global expertise within this field. The initiative further facilitates an environment for Jordanian entrepreneurs to forge new relations with international companies.”

It is worth mentioning that the following guidelines has been set for companies to be able to participatein the acceleration program: the company must be registered with Int@j and established in Jordan for more than a year; the project must show distinctiveness and be applicable in the local market; considerable consumer demand must be seen as well as how investments would help the business expand its operations.

Umniah has expanded the initiative to support startups specialized in the ICT sector and is met with strong cooperation from int@j and USAID Jordan. Its aim is to increase the number of companies benefiting from the initiative and additionally giving them the chance to go to Silicon Valley where they meet with ICT experts and obtain invaluable knowledge from them.


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