Umniah expands its social programs and launches its new ‘Unleash’ campaign

April 12, 2014 3:21 pm

Confirming its efforts towards sustainability and innovation as well as being in continuation to its social programs, Umniah has launched a new campaign titled Unleash including all its past and present CSR programs under one umbrella.

Umniah confirmed that the Unleash campaign is reshaping its corporate goals in supporting many social programs which revolve around arts and culture, sports, creativity and innovation, adventurism, education, IT and entrepreneurism.

This further coincides with Umniah’s efforts to answer the needs of Jordan’s youth whom are eager to develop their talents and will help bring them national attention. Umniah launched the Unleash campaign for youth to better develop their natural talents and for them to fully benefit from Umniah’s social programs.

The Unleash initiative comes at a time when Umniah is seeking to set up programs in diverse areas and includes Najm Al Ordon, which supports artistic talent; its joint-venture with the climber Mostafa Salameh; its support for startup projects with Plug and Play as well as its partnership with AppCircus for the local development of mobile apps in addition to other initiatives.

Umniah has officially launched the comprehensive campaign a week ago to highlight its support for local talent, as they are important in establishing a solid social life as well as strengthening Jordan’s economy. As youth are the majority percentage of Jordan’s society, the campaign will provide its continual support to help recognize these Jordanian talents.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the new campaign saying, “The Unleash campaign is reorganizing Umniah’s initiatives to support youth with diverse talents and skills. The campaign inspires youth to give attention to their talents and goals and take advantage of all the programs & initiatives launched by Umniah.”

Mr. Hinnawi went on to add that the Unleash campaign is not limited to one social sector, but places attention on all by encouraging youth to show their creativity and develop projects targeting the arts and culture, literature, sports, outdoor adventures and the IT sector.


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