Umniah wins tender to provide government sector with premium telecom services

March 5, 2014 4:45 pm

In confirmation of its strategy to provide telecommunications services to the community and all sectors, Umniahwon the tender to provide mobile telecommunications services to government institutions after competing with the local telecom companies in the local market which was referred to the General Supplies Department in the Ministry of Finance. Umniah was further announced to be the premier provider of mobile services to various government institutions and their employees.

According to the agreement, Umniah will provide all governmental institutes including ministries, universities, associations, committees and their staff with premium mobile services at very affordable prices. The move will positively reduce government expenditures on communications services.

Umniah emphasized the weight of such an agreement as it will add to Umniah’s superior influence in the market and is the first choice for government institutions and employees. The contract further reiterates Umniah’s strong support for the government sector since the telecom company began operations in the local market more than eight years ago.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, added, “Umniah is proud to serve Jordan’s government as we are a leading telecommunications provider in the local market to now include the government sector as well. The contract adds to the company’s success in a market that currently faces stiff competition.”

Mr. Hinnawi further mentioned, “Umniah will continue to do its utmost to provide the best communications services to guarantee that they meet the requirements of the government and properly serve its tens of thousands of employees and further reduce their mobile bills. This goes in hand with Umniah’sstrategic efforts in offering positive contributions to Jordan’s public and private sector.”