Visit Activity Zone at COMEX 2014

April 9, 2014 11:18 am

The Activity Zone at COMEX 2014 supports COMEX exhibitors and sponsors for holding presentations, seminars and talk sessions covering a range of ICT topics or new product / system demonstrations by reputed companies.

Half hour sessions will take place throughout COMEX 2014 from 11:15 am to 7:30 pm daily at the COMEX Business Pavilion by speakers from leading companies including AHCC, Huawei, Gulf Business Machines, Gulf Infotech LLC, Al Madina Development & Supply LLC.

Gulf Business Machines (GBM), one of the main presenters at the Activity Zone will be showcasing a full suite of innovative IBM solutions at COMEX 2014, and will feature unique network and site services offerings, and learning services.

HUAWEI also presenting at the event provides a broad range of tailored products, solutions and consulting services in the Middle East with all three of Huawei’s main business groups-Carrier Networks, Enterprise and Device-active in the region.

Gulf Infotech will hold discussions on embracing cloud infrastructure, business applications which aid business growth, Big Data & Digital Marketing and Google enterprise solutions for your business from the 8th-11th April 2014. As a special bonus, Gulf Infotech will also be offering Google Chromecast as part of daily raffle draw prizes. The Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. You set it up with a simple mobile app, then send your favorite online shows, movies, music and more to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Al Madina Development & Supply LLC will be making a special presentation on their new products on 10th April 2014. Some of the products they offer include DataCard Printers, Secure ID solutions, Document Management systems, Biometric Solutions, eForms, Interactive Kiosks, eGates solutions and Asset Management systems.

AHCC has completely designed, implemented and deployed several Software Applications in “Oman Council – Royal Court Affairs”, in connection with which, the RCA Top Management officially launched an important applications-the Electronic Parliament (e-Parliament System) during these sessions which provided an effective added value to the event. They held a session on new technologies in Logistics Solutions on 8th April at the Activity Zone at COMEX 2014.

Presentations will also be made at the Shopper Pavilion by Panoratech on Self Confidence and Confidence Building, Social Media Utilization in Effective Way while NCGC will be demonstrating the Gigabyte smartphone and the Robot vacuum cleaner.

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