Vodafone launches new red postpaid plans with exclusive privileges

February 3, 2014 10:24 am

Vodafone Qatar unveiled the details of its new Red Postpaid plans that come with exclusive privileges, best value and great family deals.

Giving the opening speech, Vodafone Qatar’s Chairman, H.E Dr. Sheikh Khalid Bin Thani Al Thani, highlighted the Company’s achievements and accomplishments.

His Excellency went on to say, “When I was appointed Chairman of Vodafone Qatar, it was important that as a Qatari owned Company by more than 75%, we underpin our relevance to Qataris. Our staff and partners have been working hard at launching a great range of propositions and what you will see today is truly revolutionary.”

Vodafone Group plc. has launched Vodafone Red in 19 countries including UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Turkey, modifying the portfolio to fit the needs of each of the local markets.

“Vodafone Red is the biggest global proposition that Vodafone Group has to date with 7.5 million customers. Vodafone Qatar has brought Vodafone Red best practices from around the world with local insights into Qatar. We are changing what customers can expect from their telecommunications provider forever,” said Vodafone’s CEO Kyle Whitehill.

Exclusive Privileges
For the first time in Qatar, Vodafone, working closely with local and international partners, is bringing some of the most exclusive experiences to their customers, many of which are first time in Qatar experiences.

1- Parking & Valet Service, at major malls & entertainment venues in Qatar.
Malls are the most frequented places in Qatar but the parking experience can be very frustrating. Vodafone Red customers no longer need to worry about this! Vodafone has partnered with Wait Valet Parking to provide valet parking services to Red customers on Red L plans and above, in major malls and key entertainment areas. This service will be immediately available in Lagoona Mall, Landmark Mall and a number of other locations available in a few weeks. Vodafone also recognises that some customers prefer to park their own cars, so certain malls will have dedicated spots for Red customers on the VIP plan who wish to do this.

2- VIP Lounge Access, at more than 600 airport lounges around the world.
Many customers travel frequently throughout the year. This means that there is a lot of time waiting at different airports around the world, sometimes for long hours and without access to a lounge. Vodafone and their partner, Priority Pass Limited, is making their Red customers’ trips that much more pleasant with access to over 600 airport lounges around the world including Doha International Airport and Hamad International Airport.

3- VIP Service, best in the world personalised concierge services.
Vodafone has partnered with Quintessentially, the world leader in luxury lifestyle concierge, to fulfill any request Vodafone Red VIP customers have. Whether it’s a last minute restaurant reservation, getting the latest fashion product, or getting special access to events, Red VIP customers don’t need to worry; they can access the Red VIP service anytime and anywhere in the world.

4- Vodafone Red Team Privilege, call and Vodafone will be there.
Vodafone’s customers told them that it’s not always convenient to visit them at their stores. So now the Vodafone Red Team will come to Red customers on the XL and VIP plan for whatever they might need- enquiries, payments or to join Vodafone.

5- Exclusive access to 3030 number range
Vodafone Red customers get exclusive access to the number range 3030 that contains a wide choice of unique numbers. To celebrate the launch of Vodafone Red, customers can get one of these exclusive 3030 numbers with a Vodafone Red plan at 50% off capped at QR10,000. This offer ends on 30 April 2014.
This is just the beginning of all of the exclusive and prestigious experiences Red customers will get. On Vodafone Red, customers will have a worry free experience, each and every time.

Leading on value
Regardless of the size of the Red plan that a customer signs up to, they will enjoy unlimited local calling and SMS to anyone in Qatar- this is the first time this is permanently available in Qatar.
Within each of the Red plans, customers can enjoy hours of free international calling to their favourite numbers. Moreover, a number of Red plans include roaming minutes and all the plans include mobile internet.

The best deal for your family- 30% discount on all family plans
Customers and their family members often take their services from the same telecommunications provider. So, to reward all current and new customers for their loyalty, Vodafone is offering a huge 30% discount on any second connection on the same account. Vodafone also wanted to provide peace of mind by allowing the account owner to better manage the family spend. So, for the first time, Vodafone has introduced spend limits where the account owner can decide what is the spend limit for each connection on their account. This is flexible as Vodafone understands that a customer may need to increase or decrease a spend limit occasionally.