What3words unveils new apps and Pebble integration

March 24, 2014 1:55 pm

What3words launched its new mobile app, and revealed a Pebble smartwatch app which enables precise location sharing at the touch of a button.

First launched in July last year, What3words is a free service that grids the world into 3x3m squares and gives each square a unique address of just three words from the dictionary.

Consumers and businesses can purchase personalised OneWords to make describing any 3x3m square on Earth even more straightforward.

Today, What3words unveiled native iOS and Android apps for the first time. The apps enable What3words users to buy and move OneWords whilst on the go, so sharing a current location is easier than ever. The app also adds in-built directions, slicker map navigation and a vastly improved user interface.

According to What3words’ CEO and Co-Founder Chris Sheldrick, the technology is attracting attention from a number of potential partners, for a plethora of use cases.

“We’ve seen a number of different companies take an interest in our platform, from mapping companies, to courier and logistics firms, events and festival organisers and more,” says Sheldrick.

“Our aim is to see What3words’ 3-word and OneWord addresses be an accepted form of input in major navigation apps and online mapping services,” he continued.

For instance, What3words is already working with Dubai-based logistics firm MENA360.

MENA360 Deputy CEO Dr Hassan AlSayegh said: “The address infrastructure of the UAE presents many problems with respect to deliveries – it’s very common for addresses to actually be presented in the form of directions rather than a street address which matches up to centralised databases.”

“What3words provides a unique ready-made addressing system which solves the problem superbly with incredible precision and simplicity. It forms an integral part of the address communication side of our app, and we will be encouraging all of our users to communicate their w3w address – we would love to see it become a standard in the region,” he continued.

What3words’ API is available to developers at What3words.com/api. One third-party developer, Steve Caldwell, founder of Crosstek has created the watch3words app for the Pebble smartwatch, which allows the user to find their unique three-word address wherever they are at the touch of a button. Significantly, this allows a user to find and communicate a precise location over the phone in just a couple of seconds, without breaking a phone call to check where they are, safe in the comfort that the 3-word address can be easily held in the recipient’s short term memory.

“I wanted to create something that would be both unique and useful in a real world setting. I noticed that a What3words watch app hadn’t been created yet, so I used the w3w API to create one,” said Caldwell.

The result of Crosstek’s app is an astonishingly simple way for Pebble users to communicate their precise location verbally. “In just a couple of seconds someone can look at their wrist, say 3 simple words over the phone, and a location accurate to just a few metres has been communicated with maximum speed and no confusion – it’s an incredibly powerful tool,” said Sheldrick. “This creative use of our API demonstrates the exciting potential for What3words’ technology. We’re looking forward to seeing what other applications developers come up with.”

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